Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

After the new website has been launched, DADM will jump start the exposure of your website through a combination of Google Adwords, Bing Search Advertising and/or Facebook Ads.

Our pay per click management plan consists of several phases:
  • Phase 1: Keyword Research and Selection: DADM will perform extensive keyword and competitive research to ensure the campaigns which we create will target the best possible audience for your product or service. This information will be used to create a suggested keyword phrase list, which will be used for your advertising.
  • Phase 2: Media Selection: After a targeted keyword phrase list has been created, we will choose the best online advertising mediums in which to place your ads. This may consist of Google Adwords, Bing Search Advertising and/or Facebook Ads.
  • Phase 3: Creative Development: DADM's team of online advertising experts will create custom ads (titles and descriptions) to maximize click-thru and conversion rates for each advertising medium. In addition, we will make recommendations as to which landing pages will be used for each keyword phrase.
  • Phase 4: Pay Per Click Bid Management: DADM will provide monthly pay per click management tasks including ad performance monitoring, bid price changes and bid position maintenance.
  • Phase 5 (ongoing): Pay Per Click Monthly Analysis: At the conclusion of each month, we will perform a month-end analysis of campaign performance, including individual keyword costs, conversions, and performance trends. Based on the results, we will make recommendations and implement any required ad copy changes, budget updates and keyword phrase adjustments.